7 Month-Aversary

Well, another month has passed. Yesterday marked the 7 month milestone of moving into my “Bus” full time. 

I still love living here, in my Bus, though there have been a few changes in the park that I’ve struggled with, recently. Co-workers I loved, have left, suddenly and moved on. That’s been hard. Others have disappointed and yet others I’ve grown closer with and fond of. I guess that’s the circle of life. 

Some changes being implemented here in the park have been hard to deal with. About 2 weeks ago we all got a letter from management informing us that in an effort to give the park a more uniform look, we all had to “clean up” our sites,  meaning we had to take everything personal down. πŸ’” Everything that made my place unique, cozy and my own, would have to go. That was very hard and I was tempted to just pack up and leave. I rally, really struggled with that…but I’m not 19, anymore, and have learned a little something in life. So, instead, I decided to be a “good little citizen” for now, and comply. 

Here is what it looks like, now…

And this was BEFORE…(you can’t see my tapestry that was hanging across from the front door to give me some private from my neighbors…it’s gone, now. 

I kept more of my plants than the 2-3 we were “allowed” and have decided that that is where I’ll draw the line. This is my home for now. I’m here because I work for this company, and I feel that in return I deserve at least a little respect and consideration, a little piece of personal space. 

Lots more changes are planned for the coming months. All the Longterm sites are getting an overhaul and it’s supposed to give more of a resort feel to the whole park. We will all have to temporarily relocate to a different site while our site is being upgraded. Let’s see how it all turns out….stay tuned.  πŸ˜‰

And, btw, I’m still working on that video tour, that I promised…but for now, I have some inside pictures that I’ll post, soon. And as soon as all the moving is done, I’m planning on renovating my “Bus”, replacing the carpet with cork or bamboo flooring and painting my cabinets. I’m very excited to get that done, especially getting rid of the carpet….πŸ™πŸ»

Well, so much for today. Please check in every now and again, and please say “Hello” so I know who reads this. ✨

German translation coming soon. Can’t do this from my phone. Sorry. πŸ™ˆ


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