What Makes a Bus a Home?

What an absolutely beautiful bus conversion. I just love the materials used and all the muted colors. It’s so calming and cozy. I could absolutely live there and will add this to my inspiration list, for sure.

Eine wunderschoene Bus Umwandlung. Vom Schulbus zum Eigenheim. Wunderschoen. Und ich liebe die gedämpften Farben und die Materialien, die verwendet wurden. Der Bus strahlt so viel Gemuetlichkeit aus. Ich koennte da glatt wohnen. Ich werde das auf jeden Fall auf meine Inspirations-Liste zufuegen.


IMG_3452 Welcome!

What makes a bus a home? A lot of work and a lot of friends… and a lot of work. Thank you to everyone who helped with the bus, from the stripping to the finishing touches! And thanks for all the support from everyone, your excitement about this project has made it a lot more fun and exciting for me and Steve.

Now, let’s take a look at how she turned out…

Me and Taylor at the buswarming party... Steve's neighbors made the Friluftsliv sign - I love it!! Me and Taylor at the buswarming party… Steve’s neighbors made the Friluftsliv sign – I love it!!

Ta Daaa!! Ta Daaa!!

While you’re looking at the beautiful finished product, Let me tell you what we have been doing since I arrived on Wednesday. Actually, I can’t really remember Wednesday at this point. So let me hit the high points. Curtains had to be made, a stove purchased and installed, drawer and cabinet handles, bedding, shower curtain, cleaning the bus…

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